Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Unsolicited Telephone Calls

Clients and litigants should be aware there may be a telephone scam targeting women with transvaginal mesh claims or lawsuits. The telephone caller purports to represent defendants, and thereafter inquires about the facts and status of your case, including your medical history. The unsolicited caller may also offer money in connection with your case, falsely claiming it is a settlement payment or another payment type.

Transvaginal Mesh AttorneyThe purpose of the calls is unclear, though our investigation shows some of the calls may be related to misleading marketing by a lawsuit loan company. It may also be an attempt at identity theft.

Please be advised, anyone calling you with any kind or sort of offer is likely a scammer. If you already are represented by an attorney, the transvaginal mesh defendants and manufacturers cannot, and will not, contact you directly. The defendants can only contact your lawyer.

Do not give out your personal information or discuss your case with strangers over the phone. Take down the caller’s information and provide it to your attorney or paralegal to follow up. Or, suggest the caller contact your attorney or paralegal directly.

Scammers prey on vulnerable populations. Discuss your case only with your attorney or paralegal. Do not give your medical history or accept money from strangers who contact you about your case.

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